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Kids Dental Sedation
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Calming Anxiety & Providing Positive Dental Experiences

For some children, visiting the dentist can induce stress. Whether it’s due to a previous unpleasant experience or sensitivity to dental procedures, dental anxiety is a genuine concern. At Might Smiles, we empathize with this struggle and aim to create positive dental experiences for your child. That’s why we provide various sedation options to help even the most anxious child feel at ease. If you believe your child could benefit from sedation during their next appointment, please contact our team beforehand. This will allow us to make necessary arrangements and ensure a comfortable visit for your child.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For more complex procedures or severe dental anxiety, oral conscious sedation is an effective option, particularly for older children who are able to take medication orally before their appointment begins. This method allows your child to easily remain calm during their procedure, and they will likely have little memory of the details afterward. Just keep in mind that the effects of oral conscious sedation can last for several hours, so your child should take it easy until they feel back to normal.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide, known for its gentle sedative properties, is administered through a nasal mask, offering near-instantaneous effects. Your child will experience a sense of contentment and relaxation, alleviating their anxiety. The concentration of nitrous oxide can be adjusted to suit their comfort level, ensuring a relaxed experience throughout the appointment. After treatment, the effects of nitrous oxide dissipate swiftly, enabling your child to resume normal activities promptly.

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